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About Egwunutshellblog: https://www.egwunutshellblog.com/

Egwunutshellblog.com is a top Nigerian Blog created in 2016 on Blogger platform as egwunutshellblog.blogspot.com

Egwunutshellblog – Teach Blog About SEO Solution in Nigeria, among top Nigerian blog with quality tutorials on blogging, tech info, business, digital marketing, social media and make money online idea.

It is a blog where you can get tutorials and tips related to blogging, digital marketing, mobile tech and money making ideas. Hence, bloggers, web designers, Internet entrepreneurs, digital marketers and people with general interests in social media will find the blog posts relevant and interesting.

The blog has thousands of subscribers as seen in the Feedburner counter on the sidebar. You can check out the traffic stats at Alexa to confirm that it is truly one of the best Nigerian blogs.

The blog is owned by David Ferick Adekpe. You can read more about him here.
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