“Get Well Soon” Fans React To New Video Of Korra Obidi Lying In Hospital Bed, Receiving IV Drip Stirs Concern

Fans of Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi have taken to her page to shower prayers on her following a video she posted.

During a live Facebook session with fans, a drip was passed through her vein with a plaster holding tightly the needle that was used.

The mother of two in the video lamented over how hard it is for sick foreigners to cope outside their countries, affirming that currently, she’s very tired.

Although Korra did not comment on what happened to her, the video, however, shows that she is struggling with her health.

Her video got the attention of her fans, With over 4000 comments, the dancer’s followers wished her a quick recovery.

We earlier reported that Justin, in a video he shared, disclosed he was set up by Korra as she recorded his conversation to defame him.

According to him, the video where he was calling Korra derogatory names, was recorded and released without his consent.

A couple of hours ago, Korra visited the hospital for a ‘postpartum checkup’. It’s a medical checkup a mother undergoes after having a baby to make sure she is recovering well from labor and birth.

While conversing with the Doctor, the mother of one raised Justin’s defamation suit against her. The Dancer seemed a bit worried in the video as she explained the reason Justin is taking her to court.

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