‘May God settle their home’, fans react as Korra Obidi’s daughter begs to see her father in viral video

In a recent viral video, Korra Obidi’s 3-year-old daughter, June was seen crying and saying she wants to see her dad.

Korra had taken her 3-year-old daughter to spend some time with her father and her daughter was hoping for her mum to see her dad.

You would recall that Korra and her husband, Dr Justin Dean, signed divorce papers in March and have since gone their separate ways.

She wrote via her Instagram story “June wants me to come inside with her to see

Following her post, some fans have noted how divorce can be tough on children while others questioned why she uploaded the video.

ozia_gbello : May God settle their home

ifeomaonye: Poor child. She doesn’t understand why everyone can’t be together in the same place anymore

being_emmilia : When parents splits, it’s the children that suffers the most

The doctor had caused a frenzy on the internet when he announced his divorce from his wife.

Taking to his Instagram page, he stated that he had filed for divorce from the dancer as he couldn’t condone being mistreated.

He said that he tried his best to make the marriage work until he gave up.

He expressed how heartbroken and sad he was over the incident, especially when he supported and loved her with all of him.

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