How to Brainstorm Unique Domain Name Ideas

You know when you wake up from a great dream but you cannot remember the details,  it feel like you have sold your ideas on a short tale. Your domain name is your online business card that describes who you are and the kind of services you offer to your visitors.

Have you ever had an idea for a website that kept you up all night that you didn’t know where to start from? The first thing to do is to claim your domain name/address. I am going to tell you how to pick a great domain name. Here I am going to share with you all three things you should remember while choosing a domain name for your blog or website. 

1. Always Think Like Visitors: Consider the keywords, phrases and words around your niche to help express the idea you have on your blog. If you are a fashion blogger and you pick as your domain name, I don’t think that’s a good presentation of your brand and it will confuse visitors coming to your site. 

2. Choose The Right Extension: Make sure to choose the right extension also known as TLD. Your TLD is .com .net or whatever that follows the name you choose. To minimize confusion don’t choose .co .xyz .e or .ie if you are a fashion blog. 

3. Make Your Domain Name Memorable: You want your domain name to be memorable, you can achieve these by taking out keys and characters that will make it short, recognizable and easy to pronounce. About six to fourteen characters is ideal and should avoid numbers as much as possible. Long name are hard to remember and leave visitors to guess what your website is instead of actually spending time on your website. 

Make sure the domain name you choose reflect what you actually plan to share on your website/blog.

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