Betbonanza How To Become An Agent And Enjoy Unlimited Betting Bonus

Today I am going to take you through on how to register and become betbonanza agent and also how to enjoy everything that existing agents has been enjoying.

BetBonanza is the best online sports betting website in Nigeria with attractive betting odds and bonuses.
First let me start from the fact that at betbonanza they understand the competition in the market, they also understand the existing protocol that has been in the market. They are not here just to leverage or to continue on the process that has been in the market but they are here to make the face of betting industry far better than it was before and you will agree with me as I dive further. 

The first criteria to become an agent is for you to have a shop not just having a shop, that shop must be 10 minutes’ walk away from an existing agent of betbonanza and should have every other materials that is your trading materials like: 

1. Minimum of 3 laptops 
2. Timer printer 
3. Your monitor 
4. TV 
5. Generator 
6. Fan and so on. 

To register go to or to apply online. I need to let you know that the name you are using to register must correlate with the names that you have with your Bank Account. You can as well use your business account if you so wish but just ensure that it correlate with the one that you have in your bank account. 

After you might have completed your registration you will receive a call from their office to confirm your registration and special teams will come to inspect your shop to ensure that you don’t just have a shop, they want to ensure that that place you are trading from is a marketable area. They so much care about anybody that want to become an agent on their platform, to make sure that whatever that you are putting in to business you are getting a return not just be an agent or just opening a shop. 

You will require to go to their office at No. 1 Bode Thomas Surulere, Lagos for training after which an account will be created for you. You will require to pay a minimum of N25,000 into that account after your payment has be done. You will be giving free equipment’s like: 

· 2 Decoder 

· 1 Satelite Dish 

· 2 T-Shirts 

· Face cap 

· Jotter and pen 

You are good to go to start trading. 

Benefit of becoming a betbonanza agent: You will enjoy up to 30% of sport commission you will also enjoy up to 9% on virtual and they also have other four different bonuses on their platform which I will share with you as we go further. 

First bonus betbonanza have is Yakata bonus which is up to 200% on top of the winning depending on how many events that’s chosen on a ticket. 

Second bonus is a sport monthly bonus which you get every first day of a new month when you reach a sell target of N200,000 in your sport. 

Third bonus is a sell bonus/sell turn-over. Let me break it down for you to understand. E.g if you have a sell of N100,000 you are automatically qualify for bonus of N1,000 apart from your commission. When you hit the target of N300,000 you automatically qualify for N2,000 bonus and when you hit the sell target of N500,000 automatically you have already qualify for N5,000 etc. apart from your weekly commission. 

Fourth bonus is sporting bonus. At betbonanza they understand that when you are converting from your former betting platform to betbonanza, its takes awhile for you to understand the game so with that betbonanza are giving you the difference of the commission you are getting from your former betting sit/platform when you joined them. 

Like I said before betbonanza are not your regular betting company they are here to make the face of betting industry far far better than it has always been. 

Now on every deposit for your online users you will get 1% commission e.g. let’s say a betbonanza agent in Abuja travel down to Lagos for a business leisure and he want to go back to Abuja he find out that he does not have enough credit on his betting account. That person can come to your shop to top up his/her account and you are even getting commission for topping that account which is the 1% bonus. That’s sound great right! 

Now on every sales you make, the DGR on all your online users you are getting 20% commission. You will get your instant commission before customers leave your shop even if the person is an independent online user under the company after topping that agent. 

Like I said earlier, betbonanza care about you and they want to ensure that whatever it is that the business you are doing with them, they are so transparent in the sense that every blessed day what you are selling, you are seeing your commission and they even did it to the point that they separated the online user commission from the one you are getting from your shop. So as an agent you can compare your online users and your shop experience to see which one is working well for you to help you boost you commission. Join betbonanza today to enjoy all the Yakata bonus all the existing agents are been enjoying.

Leave a comment below and share your thought with us. You can as well share the post on social media with your friends.  
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