Read This: You Will Never Be In Debt Again; Cash Flow Management

In order to take control of your financial situation, you need to know what’s happening to your money. It might seem like an obvious point, but in fact many people are not quite sure whether their financial situation is getting better or worse.

They simply don’t have an accurate picture of where they stand, according to 

Trying to figure out the best way to meet your financial goals can be difficult (if not impossible), if you don’t know where you are now. One effective way of coming up with a baseline for your current financial position is to calculate your personal ‘’cash flow.’’ While the term might sound a bit intimidating, particularly if you have never considered your cash flow before, it is actually a fairly straightforward calculation, and an essential part of budgeting your money to avoid being in debt. 
Here is relevant information about cash flow basics. Cash flow, simply put, measures your total income for a specified time period (often one month or more), and compares that to your total expenses over that same period. If your expenses is more than your earning you need to change your habit of spending. important step for successful business you need to know

If your total income exceeds your total expenses, then your cash flow is said to be ‘’positive.’’ If your expenses exceed your income, then your cash flow is said to be ‘’negative.’’ Avoid unnecessary buying of things you don't need to used.
A positive cash flow is a good thing because it means you are not living beyond your means. A negative cash flow might happen to anyone, as can be the case if you have significant unexpected expenses in a given month. The real problem with a negative cash flow is when it happens often. try to be positive about expense and have control over it.  

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