How To Log In To Your Blogger Account With New Blogger Profile

If your question is............ I can't access my blogger dashboard, whenever I sign in it takes me back to blogger sign in page? Then this post is for you. 

Lots of people have the same problem this morning. No one at Blogger seems to be answering but thank God for the link I am going to share with you to be able to log in back to your blogs on Blogger. It just like when buying domain name and to fix it, you will see something like custom domain error. As frustrate as it is. 

Many blogger have this problem especially those who used Google+ to sign in to their blogs, because of the shutting down of Google+.

Those who used to login into blogger using Google+ profile are the main victim of the Google+ shutting down, but don't you worry cause I got you all covered.

I had the same problem. I end up at that same link as well. The blog URL is still up and the content is still readable, but there's no access to the dashboard or any way to post new articles. 

I have tried to sign in but its not going . I have also check my email and password its still correct but if I try signing in to my blogger dashboard it takes me back to create new blog or sign in page without any error message. I have 3 blogs on my Blogger account and I can't access them until I find this link I am going to share with you. 

Switch from Google+ to Blogger here: or follow the below link its all the same. 

So for you to be able to login back to your blog on Blogger, you will need to first change your Google+ profile to Blogger profile by clicking this link 

Just change it to Blogger Profile that's all and you are all set to enjoy your blogging hobby. 

Please leave a comment below if I am able to help or you find this post helpful 

Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my post, hope to see you here again 
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