Tuesday, 2 March 2021

How to Brainstorm Unique Domain Name Ideas

You know when you wake up from a great dream but you cannot remember the details,  it feel like you have sold your ideas on a short tale. Your domain name is your online business card that describes who you are and the kind of services you offer to your visitors.

Have you ever had an idea for a website that kept you up all night that you didn’t know where to start from? The first thing to do is to claim your domain name/address. I am going to tell you how to pick a great domain name. Here I am going to share with you all three things you should remember while choosing a domain name for your blog or website. 

1. Always Think Like Visitors: Consider the keywords, phrases and words around your niche to help express the idea you have on your blog. If you are a fashion blogger and you pick kiki.com as your domain name, I don’t think that’s a good presentation of your brand and it will confuse visitors coming to your site. 

2. Choose The Right Extension: Make sure to choose the right extension also known as TLD. Your TLD is .com .net .co.uk or whatever that follows the name you choose. To minimize confusion don’t choose .co .xyz .e or .ie if you are a fashion blog. 

3. Make Your Domain Name Memorable: You want your domain name to be memorable, you can achieve these by taking out keys and characters that will make it short, recognizable and easy to pronounce. About six to fourteen characters is ideal and should avoid numbers as much as possible. Long name are hard to remember and leave visitors to guess what your website is instead of actually spending time on your website. 

Make sure the domain name you choose reflect what you actually plan to share on your website/blog.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Why Your Android & iPhone Is Overheating And How to Stop It

There is nothing more annoyed and frustrating than overheating phone especially when you are working on something serious. Overheating can cause your phone to shut down unexpectedly and this can be very irritating. Most of the causes are sometimes related to your phone battery being bad. But, it can also be related to your charger or the charger you used to charge your cell phone. 

You will notice that the hotter the phone get, the more quickly the battery loses its ability to store energy efficiently and the battery start draining.

If you are experiencing overheating with your phone, I suggest you find ways to solve it soon because your battery and your phone screen can be seriously damaged due high overheating. 


If you found out the fault is from the battery try and replace the battery immediately. And for charger, stop using different chargers to charge your phone. 

I found out that a lot of people when they could not find their original charger or if their charger is bad instead of buying new one, they keep using anyone that is available to them. This is very bad and dangerous to your battery health. 

If it your phone keeps overheating, keep it away from direct sunlight. You can also remove the battery and give your phone some minutes to “refresh” before you start using it again. You can as well try the following options:

✅ Only charge your phone's battery to 80%. Don't do a full charge
✅ Always close unused Apps when you want to charge 
✅ Avoid exposing the phone to direct sunlight.
✅ Lower the screen light/ Turn the brightness down
✅ Always keep your Apps up-to-date, very important. 

You can keep track your battery life by checking your phone Apps to see which Apps is consuming more battery. Tracking these down is pretty simple as Android has good built-in battery management features. 

Go to “Settings -> Power (or Battery) -> Battery usage”. This will show you which apps are using the most battery on your phone.

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Sunday, 7 February 2021

5 Best Interview Impression That Will Get You Hired Immediately

Many people can perform brilliantly at interviews by applying certain principle. When faced with unexpected questions, whether as a graduate seeking employment or as a professional granting press interviews or during a proposal presentation, research has showed that, due to lack of preparation for certain questions, people tend to lose their composure. As such, they may give inappropriate responses to relevant questions which may be embarrassing. 

Now tension felt during interviews is because some amount of control is given up thereby making most people feel uncomfortable. For job seekers, the challenges of getting a decent job after graduation are two fold, which are: Getting invited for job-selection process and scaling the process. These processes can involve in writing tests or answering questions accurately at interviews. 

Being able to answer interview questions confidently and accurately has nothing to do with being a good orator, but being in control and applying it to have an edge should be viewed as selling your competence and qualifications to the interviewer. Some candidates are able to maneuver through it successfully while it is difficult for others to. 

Today I am going to share with you five proven steps to sell yourself during interview and possibly land in your dream job. 

1. Be prepared: Preparation can help in overcoming shock from unforeseen circumstances, like tough questions and first impression. Preparation process in interviews can be in form of research on the topic of discussion beforehand in order to have an in-depth understanding and a projection of likely questions that will emerge from it. Just as much as you are prepare the answers to give to the interviewers, you must also come prepared with questions to ask the interviewer about the position and the company. 

Employers want to see people who think on their toes and are interested in the position as much as possible. You should scribble down a few quick questions that you can ask at the appropriate time of the interview to avoid embarrassment by thinking on the spot. 

2. Get enough information: According to professionals, Interviewees should confirm the time and location of the interview. Don’t assume it will take place in the same location as your previous interviews. I also advise a verification of the format of the interview so you can prepare for the number of people who are also sitting in and understand what will be expected of them. 

3. Use descriptive language: Certain questions which are asked to assess a candidate’s level of experience require descriptive response. A brief description of a challenging situation encountered in your previous employment and how it was resolved. Communicating personal experience can be dramatic and powerful. 

A proper description of an experience with a client or the impact a product, service or change in policy as the case may be will explain what influenced your position on an issue. Moreover, a negative questions or comments should be countered with positive answers or statements. 

Behavioural questions are designed to see how you intend to approach and solve problems. I advise you to select a simple scenario and focus on how you worked collaboratively with others people to find a solution. Doing this, will help to show the hiring manager how well you fit into the company. Use the specific examples from your experience and your knowledge of the company to demonstrate that you are a qualified candidate who will excel in the position. 

4. Think before responding: Dealing with silence at an interview can be challenging. In an attempt to immediately fill the silence, respond too hastily to posted interview questions. I advise that you do not allow your rush to answer questions that will lead you to give less than perfect responses. Instead, after hearing the question, pause and take a moment to organise your thoughts before answer the questions.

It is best to answer even tough questions, to build credibility with the audience. However, professionals are not obligated to agree to the interviewer’s statements, but they should focus on passing the message across. 

5. Body language matters: Studies have shown that voice inflection and body language are even more important than the words themselves when it comes to how messages are viewed. Professionals say body language plays an important role in how people communicate with each other. 

According to them, in order to help people focus more on messages, they advise a natural posture by keeping the arms loose. This, they say will help to appear calm and confident. They oppose a posture that involves clasping the hands together, crossing the arms or legs, putting the hands on the pockets, or adopting any posture that prevents natural movement. 

They say using appropriate body language will show the interviewer that they are interested in the job, intelligent and able to communicate in an effective and efficient manner. 

Maintaining eye contact and nodding the head occasionally to indicate their concentration, according to them is the most important aspect of body language once the interview starts.

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Monday, 4 January 2021

NIMC Registration Portal: How to Link Your MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile Sim With NIN

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has released the statement announcing an extension in the deadline for incorporating National Identification Number (NIN) with SIM cards. This follows the hundreds of people gathered at a registration office struggled to register for the NIN.

This followed an earlier directive by the government for NIN to be linked to all SIM cards within the next two weeks.

That deadline has now been extended by a minimum of three weeks, according to the NCC statement. Three (3) weeks extension for subscribers with NIN from 30th December, 2020 to 19th January, 2021.
The Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy also order all network providers to cancel the N20 charge for retrieval of NIN with immediate effect. You will not be charge for retrieving your NIN number. According to him, he said this will make the process easier and affordable for Nigerians. This mean all Nigeria can check their NIN using the short code *346# for free. 

National Identity Management Commission has provided a short code *346# to retrieve your NIN number. You can check your National Identification Number NIN just by using the USSD code above on your phone. The USSD code is available for all networks MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo network customers. 

If you do not have one and you want to register for a new NIN follow these simple steps below but if you already have your National identification Number you don’t need to register for new one again: 

Requirement for registration and linking of NIN to your mobile number, you will likely need the following: 

Mobile Number 

Full Name 

NIN Number (you can check this using the short code *346#) 

Email Address 

Date of birth. 

Steps on how to link your NIN to your MTN Number: 

Visit the Customer NIN Capture https://mtnonline.com/nin/ 

You will see a form that you can fill in with your full name. 

Then put your MTN Mobile Number 

Type in your NIN 

Fill in your email address 

Then click on the 'SUBMIT' button. That’s all! 

For MTN Mobile Users the short code is *785# 

After dialing the short a pop up will display asking you to input your 11 digits National Identification Number then click on send. It will show you, it’s successful. That’s all! 

For GLO Mobile Users 

How to link your NIN to your GLO Number [Globacom NIN] 

Send UpdateNIN (put space) NIN (put space) First name (put space) and Last Name to 109 

How to link your National Identification Number to Airtel Number 

For Airtel Mobile Users the short code is *121*1# 

Input your 11 digit National Identification Number 

After you will receive a text message saying it is successful 

How to link your National Identification Number to 9mobile Number 

Visit the 9mobile website https://9mobile.com.ng/nin 

Click on the green space that say 'verify and link your NIN now' 

Enter your mobile number and fill the requirements. 

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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Mutual Funds – Why Investors Choose To Invest In Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a type of financial vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers, who allocate the fund's assets and attempt to produce capital gains or income for the fund's investors. A mutual fund's portfolio is structured and maintained to match the investment objectives. 

Mutual funds give individual investors access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities. Each shareholder, therefore, participates proportionally in the gains or losses of the fund. Mutual funds invest in a vast number of securities, and performance is usually tracked as the change in the total market cap of the fund—derived by the aggregating performance of the underlying investments. Read also: How To Manage Your Money The Right Way – 6 Essential Steps

Mutual funds win the investment popularity crown for good reason: They’re easy to buy and sell, widely available and designed to help investors reach their long-term financial goals. Here are six benefits of mutual funds that prove this bandwagon may be a good one on which to jump. 

Affordability: One of the reason mutual funds is the best option for investors is that many mutual funds allow investors to get started in some specific smaller amount and since mutual funds can be easily traded the combination of low cost and ease of use make them accessible to them. It also presents them with options on whether to start with a bigger amount of money or not. Read also: Top 5 Legit And Lucrative Business You Can Do Online With No Money

Diversification: With mutual funds you can buy one fund and get instant access to hundreds of individuals stocks or bonds otherwise, in order to diversify your portfolio you might have to buy individual securities which expose you to more potential instability. 

Liquidity: An investor who is hit with financial emergency might have to sale in a hurry. Let’s face fact here; let’s say things happens and in all of the sudden you just want to liquidate just because you know you’re not smart enough to get that emergency funds and you like Aha, I just have to get this money while you know it’s always available to do this but you know. We do have those situations where we all have to make tough decision. Now we know that can be disastrous if the asset have taken a hint at a wrong moment. It has to be less so on mutual funds let’s be real which is swing in value less widely because of their diversification. 

Professional Management: When you buy a mutual funds you are also choosing a professional money manager now this manager make decision on how to invest your money base on a good deal on research and their overall strategies for making money work. Know that only you can decide whether you are comfortable with that than making the decision on your own. 

Comparatively higher return on investment: The main reason for investing for most people is to maximise returns that will overtake inflation and help save for future needs. Depending on the tenure of investment, mutual funds have the prospect of giving higher return as you can invest in a wide range of industries. This also means you have to put bigger amount of money in order to get higher returns of your investment. Read also: Affiliate Marketing How I Make My First $500 In One Month

Vary options: Mutual funds come in many different forms for investors to choose from. We have: stock fund, bond fund, sector fund, target date mutual funds, money market mutual funds and balancing funds. Now the availability of these different types of mutual funds allow you to build a diversify portfolio and low cost and without much difficulty. 

So learn to choose from the list options and then start to figure out which one have the low risk and which one have a higher risk. I hope with all these options you will make a right financial choice. Don’t faking; learn more on how each of the bonds works before investing your money

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

How To Add XML Sitemap To Your Blog On Blogger

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google which is helpful to control blogs. 

A sitemap is an XML file that contains the list of all pages and posts in your blog. Sitemap improves your blog crawling rate and it also helps search engines to index your blog posts. For you to get more organic click from Google search, Yahoo and Bing you must add sitemap to your blog so that your posts can appear on Google search when a visitors search for a related keyword to your posts. Submitting a sitemap to search engines will tell the search engines about your blog and its contents. Read Also: To 5 Lucrative Business You Can Do Online

However, the Blogger’s default sitemap contains only 26 recent posts of your blog. You can check your Blogger sitemap here. http://yourblogname.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false

Replace the red color with your blog name in the above URL. So, here we are going to see all the steps to submit Blogger sitemap (which contains all your blog URL) to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo. 

After successfully creating a sitemap for a website, the sitemap must be submitted to main search engines manually. I will show you the step by step to submit sitemap to search engine sites. Submitting to Google, Bing, and Yahoo separately is worth it and does not take much time. Learn Simple Trick To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Submitting sitemaps to Google.

The first step is to verify the site. Google will not accept any sitemap without approving the site it is designated for initially. 

Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools just like you log in into other Google features. 

Press “Add a Site” or ''Start Now'' and provide the URL to Google site in the pop-up box. Then press continue. 

On the page that opens afterwards, press the radio button right after “Add Meta Tag.” 

Copy the Meta tag from the instructions box. We’ll use this later. 

Open a new tab in the browser and open the site you wish to verify. 

Press “More Actions” and click “Manage the Site” from the list. 

Click the General from the tabs which is located right under Site Setting tab. 

Now the Meta tag copied from the instructions box should be pasted in the place right next to Verification. See How I Make Over $5000 From Affiliate Marketing

Save the changes. 

Go to Webmaster Tools where the Meta tag was copied from. 

Press Verify. 

The second step is to submit the sitemap to the Google. 

Go to Webmaster Tools site. 

Select the site of the sitemap. 

Click Site Configuration-> Sitemaps. 

Click Add/Test Sitemap which is located in top right corner. 

In the box that pops up, paste the following code:

Submit the sitemap. 

The sitemap is now successfully submitted. 

Steps to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google 

If the first step look confused to you, please use the second step below to submit the sitemap to the Google. 

· Log into your Google Search Console. 

· Click on the blog name for which you want to add the sitemap. 

· Go to Crawl > Sitemaps. 

· Click on the “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” at the upper right of the screen. In the small box, copy and paste the following code. 


· Click on "Submit Sitemap" button. Refresh the page. 

That’s it. You’ve successfully submitted the sitemap to the Google Search Console. Remember the above sitemap will work for 500 blog posts. Learn How To Manage Your Money And Stay Out Of Debts

If your blogger blog has more than 500 articles, then you need to submit one more sitemap with the following code (the steps to add sitemap is same). 


If you’ve more than 1000 posts, then you need to submit another sitemap with the following code. 


I hope you’ve successfully added the sitemap to Google. Leave a comment below if you have any problem adding sitemap to Google. 

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Monday, 5 October 2020

How To Manage Your Money The Right Way – 6 Essential Steps

With unemployment at all-time high amid the coronavirus outbreak we spent money on things we really don’t want at the moment. So today I am going to share with you all the top five tips that helped me so far on how to manage your earning potential like a pro. You all know life is much easier when we have control over our finances and with a good financial skill you will be able to control and manage your spending. We all know that our money impacts our credit score and the amount of debt we can end up carrying may reduce if we plan properly. egwunutshellblog.com

Now is a good time to make sure our finances are in order. Implement these tips one at a time to manage your money the right way and also learn to separate savings account so that you can easily separate your spending cash from long term savings. Make sure to take five minutes every day to check in with your budget. 

Make a budget: This is one way to save yourself from spending excessively and unknowingly. Spend time reading books about budgeting. I never used to believe in budget until I started doing it and it so helpful, it let you know how much money you earned and how much money you are spending. It also allow you to see where you’re making waste like when you are wasting money buying unnecessary stuffs. In order to combat this, take time to make a budget. Plan out where you want to use your money. In addition to your everyday expenses, think about your savings goals for the future. You also want to find a budgeting method that works for you. 

Eat out less: We are all guilty of eating out every now and then or more it’s not a bad idea though to eat outside but when it become really excessive that is when you should look into it and possibly change your habit of eating out. You can reduce the amount of time that you eat out; you can save some money doing a meal preamp. 

Save lose chain: If you have like lose money $50, $70, $100 or even $200 find somewhere you can just toast the money in instead of lose all of them to unnecessary shopping and you will be amazed at the end of the months or year how much money you saved for yourself. 

Make a plan: Without a plan, it is extremely easy to find yourself short on money. After all, the treat yourself logic is easy to embrace. If you say yes to too many unnecessary expenses, then you might be disappointed with your savings. You end up having nothing left on your saving. Sometimes we spend so much money without considering the impact it will have on our saving. 

Invest in something: Find something that you can invest your money on and get percentage of your income. You can invest in Mutual Funds, Stock and Shares. You can get someone to advice you accordingly, you can just put your money in while you sit back and relax and see your money work for you. You can also get into partnership something that can help multiply your earning. Percentage of your income should be put into growing your money, don’t stress yourself just live your life like a minimum-less. Try to declutter like take away things that you don’t need, buy things that are only important for you. 

Set money goals: If you are getting serious about your money, then setting goals is a good idea. It helps you focus. Think about where you want to be financially. There is no wrong answer but you’ll need to take a minute to think about your plans and how money would factor into them. Once you have an idea of how money will play into your life, make clear and specific goals for your money.

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Friday, 11 September 2020

Jumia Affiliate – How To Make Money With Jumia Affiliate Program

Today we are going deep dive into Jumia Affiliate ProgramJumia is a Nigeria Number 1. Onlinestore when it come to shopping online. They offer wide range of services and all kinds of products. You can enjoy great prices and offers. They also provides secure payments and fast delivery.

Affiliate Marketing simply means the promotion of products and services sold by a merchant or service provider in return for a commission. This mean the companies that offer the affiliate program pay you certain amount of money in exchange for recommending their products or service to people. The money they paid you in returns for deriving sales is what is called commission. Also you can read more about affiliate marketing here Comprehensive Guide on Affiliate Marketing. 

In my experience, since my journeying as digital marketer and affiliate marketer I can proudly say Jumia Affiliate Program is the best affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. They offer the best commission. It is the best over-all paying affiliate program in the country. TOP 5 LEGIT AND LUCRATIVE BUSINESS YOU CAN DO ONLINE WITH NO MONEY

My Journey with Jumia Affiliate Program 

However, with Jumia affiliate, one thing have remained constant and that is Jumia’s commitment to its Affiliate program. While like other ecommerce sites in Nigeria Konga, WhoGoHost and Wish etc. are cutting back on Affiliate marketing, but Jumia Affiliate programs is waxing stronger with their commitment to offer their customers up to 11% commission on sale. You can see Jumia commission table here. 

Since I joined Jumia Affiliate Program back in 2016, I have sold hundreds of million Naira worth of products, referring people to the program and earning thousands of Naira in commission for doing so and it is something I do not see myself coming back from in the near future because I make a lot of money doing it. 

How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program 

If you are wondering or not sure if this is true, well that’s where I was before I finally made up my mind to join in 2016 when I was devastated looking for something to do to add extra income to my monthly salary. I know it’s not getting rich quick something but sure I am going to make some money from it one day. You can see the screenshot of my earning below.

If you are interested and want to join. Go to https://affiliates.jumia.com, fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you are qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Affiliate Program. Just as simple as that, no hard work. Once you have sign up and received a welcome message. You are all set to go. 

You can now login to the affiliate program site with your login details you entered while signing up to start promoting offers and start make money on the go

How to Promote the Jumia Affiliate Program 

Once you login to the affiliate marketing site, you can build your referral links or use banners. One good thing about the affiliate program is, you can promote your unique links on your website or share it with your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once someone or your friends click on your link and buy something from Jumia you automatically make money! 

Some of the things you may like to know about Jumia Affiliate Program 

Links, ads, and other types of visual references that can be shared on websites and even on social media. Gramfree Review; Can You Really Make Money on Gramfree?

You get a Bonus of N500 for the first month plus your commission when someone purchase or order something with your referral links. 

Promotions and special benefits on a regular basis – eg Every Friday and Christmas special is coming up soon and even the popular Black Friday Sales coming up in November. 

You get 100% direct service support from JUMIA affiliate manager when you need help. 

Jumia pay you every monthly via bank transfer! So no stress about payment method. 

You can click here to sign up or register.

Friday, 7 August 2020

10 Questions That Will Help You Discover Your Financial Values

Today we are going to ask questions that will help determine our financial strength and how we can improve ourselves for better future. 

Now if you can answer Yes or No to the following questions, your chances of living better life of your dreams is sure. Remember your answer should be Yes, No or I don’t Know. I want you to be honest with yourself as well. 

1. Do you know present financial condition or networth? 

2. Are you satisfied with
 your present financial condition? 

3. Are you aware of the simple ways to increase your networth? 

4. Do you have enough saving to see you through six months of normal living expense if you lose your     job right now? 

5. Do you save money on a regular basic? 
6. Have you form the habit of saving? 

7. Do you have a well define documented financial goal? 

8. Do you have a Bank Account? 

9. Do you reconcile your bank statement every month? 

10. Do you keep records of your income and expenditure? 

11. Do you know how much you spend each month? 

12. Do you spent less than you earn? 

13. Do you have a household budget and are you successful at managing it? 

14. Do you avoid major credit purchase? 

15. Do you take advantage of all saving and investment opportunities that come your way? 

16. Do you have any investment that’ll help to reduce your taxable income? 

17. Do you diversify your investment? 

18. Are you satisfied with the contribution from your investment to your total income? 

19. Do you feel you have a brilliant financial adviser or team of financial adviser? 

20. Do you feel you have sufficient life insurance cover? 

21. Do you have a plan for your children college and university education? 

22. Do you own a house? 

23. Do you have a plan to retire in comfort? 

24. Have you prepared your WILL? 

25. Are you in control of your financial future? 

26. Are you satisfied with the contribution you have made to the world? 

Now here is the score guide: 

If No or I don’t Know is between 0 and 4: You are in good shape. 

If No or I don’t Know is between 5 and 10: You are on the right path but you need to improve. 

If No or I don’t Know is between 11 and 12: You are on a weak point, something have to be done. 

If No or I don’t Know is between 13 and above: You need help because poverty is knocking on your door. 

That’s all for now, let us known what is your take on this by using the comment button below. If you have any question I promise to do my best to answer you. 

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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Top 5 Legit And Lucrative Business You Can Do Online With No Money

Looking for ways to balance things and make more money online from home? Don't worry I got you cover. Follow the guide below and choose the best option that best suite you and start making money right away.   

Digital influencer is someone or group of people who helps brands promote their products/services online through the uses of social media and other platform to create awareness and increase sells and also to generate income for herself or himself. 

The best way to become a digital entrepreneur is with proper education, information is power and that has not change. All you need is for you choose the most effective and the one that best suit your style. Digital entrepreneur is something anyone can do no matter your educational background either you are well educated or not you can still become a digital entrepreneur. Read also: How to open a PayPal account that sends and receives moneyin Nigeria

Becoming a digital entrepreneur all you need is your smart phone or a laptop computer then you can start as small as big as you want. One thing about digital entrepreneur is that the return of your investment is immediate. What that mean is, you start making your money immediately and your income potential is unlimited because we have diverse people online that you can do business with and the market does not sleep. You have opportunity to trade 24hrs 5days a week making money from the market. No matter your schedule or lifestyle you can always have access to the market. 

Today I am going to share with you five most effective and profitable online business you do from the comfort of your home as long as you have your smart phone or a laptop computer and internet connection. 

Brand influencer: Brand influencer is someone or group of people who helps brands promote their products online through the uses of social media and other platform to create awareness and increase sells. Brands pay them to advertise on their social media page or timeline. They also create post themselves if that is what the brand want. So if you are someone who have used twitter, instagram and Facebook and you have a lot of followers and fans who engaged with your posts you can actually turn that your hobby into business and start making money. Read also: 5 ways to make money with your twitter account

Affiliate marketing: This is a kind of marketing where a company pay you a certain amount of money called (commission) whenever you refer someone to buy their products or sign up for a service. The companies make it possible for affiliate marketers to earn money on product sales without having to create products of their own. You earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through your unique link. The best way to make more money as an affiliate marketer is to refer a product or service by sharing it on a blog and also share it to your friends on social media platforms. Read also: Why Twitter keep suspending your account

Blogging: There are many reasons to start a blog; you can start a personal blog or a business blog. Blogging for a business or anything else that might bring you money has a very straightforward purpose. You focus more on the topics you are well conversant. It is also very important to know that to rank your website higher in Google SERPs, you need to work hard to increase your website visibility on the search engine. The more frequent and better your blog posts are, the higher the chances for your website to get discovered and visited by your target audience. Here’s how you can make good money as a top-ranked niche blogger: 

1. Selling ad space on your blog privately or use Google AdSense. 
2. Becoming an affiliate partner. 
3. Selling your own digital products such as eBooks. 
4. Selling memberships for access to exclusive contents on your site. 
5. Using your blog as a content marketing tool for your business. 

E-commerce: Ecommerce is referring to buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, it can also involve the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Almost everyone today is doing this business because it is lucrative and easy to start. You see friends advertise on your social media posts, on your twitter TL all these are form of ecommerce business and they make a lot of money from it. You can buy stumps on online and re-sell them to your friends or anybody that is interested to buy. 

E-trading: This is a process of buying and selling of financial Instruments e.g. stocks, shares and bonds using an electronic platform that transfers the orders to a physical person to complete. Both buyers and sellers use the internet to connect to a trading platform such as an exchange-based system or electronic communication network (ECN). Is a computer software program that can be used to place orders for financial products over a network with a financial intermediary. One of the main advantages of trading online is the speed of transactions. Some of the other trading option you can choose from are: 

1. E-trading 
2. Binary option and 
3. Crypto-currency 

Instruments can be bought and sold almost instantaneously, with no delays caused by paper copies of documents being filed. The growth of electronic trading has lowered the cost for many third-party brokers, with savings often being passed on to investors in the form of smaller commissions. The internet has also made trading accessible to far more people across the world than traditional methods Read also: How to start okirika business in Nigeria – usedclothes

So how much return can you expect as a trader? 

I am going to use Gold as an example here. Gold is a safe instrument; it is an instrument where every investor would like to run to in case there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. Last month Gold pip a total of 650 pips. What that mean is, that was a 650 movement in the price of Gold. Let’s take for example you are trading Gold to actually make $5 per pip movement that is per movement in price. Let’s assumed you are not able to make money from 650 movements in price and you are able to cash out on 500 movements in the price. That’s 500X5$, you will have $2,500 trading Gold for the month of May and that’s just one instrument. Read also: Forex trading terms you need to know to besuccessful in the forex market

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